Cane Bay Partners Works to Help the St. Croix Community After Disaster Strikes

Cane Bay Partners is a firm that focuses on helping business owners in the financial sector. Their goal is to help businesses get a better footing by finding their weaknesses and overcoming them. When a major hurricane hit the island of St. Croix, Kirk Chewning and his partners sprung into action, working to make sure the disabled islanders were especially cared for in the aftermath. Because of their efforts, lives were saved.

Six Families Were Given Donations

After the hurricane, there was a lot of devastation on the island. Homes were ripped apart and many people lost all they had. Six families were particularly hit hard by the hurricane devastation. When Kirk and his team found out about their plight, they knew they had to do something to make a difference.

Each of the families that were helped by Cane Bay Partners faced physical and mental challenges and were being helped by the Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands. These people lost everything in the devastation, leading to Cane Bay Partners to step up to the plate and offer them new furniture to help them get back on their feet.

One of the families received living room furniture, a microwave, and a child’s bed. These are things people take for granted, but when everything is gone, they mean so much. The cost of the furniture that was donated was quite expensive. Cane Bay Partners donated $5,000 towards the cost and Kirk and his wife Leah covered the remaining costs.

Seeing Their Smiles Made It All Worthwhile

Kirk does not want recognition for his good deeds. Giving back to the community is simply a big part of him. It is something he loves doing. He and Cane Bay Partners are consistently raising money for charity and helping out in the community.

Those who would like to learn more about the services of Kirk and the partners at Cane Bay are welcome to visit the website. Here, you can learn about the services they offer companies, including management consulting. Call them today if you are ready to schedule a consulting appointment so you can get started.