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Using Cement Concrete Boards as Underpinning Materials

There are different types of underpinning materials that you can use for skirting. However, one of the materials that stand out is the so-called cement concrete boards that you can backfill. This skirting material can be used for ground contact. At the same time, it is also created to be buried. Furthermore, cement concrete boards are specifically engineered to be a real exterior cement board. This is one of the reasons why you can simply backfill it.

These days, you can find a variety of cement concrete boards for sale. As much as possible, you have to choose a reliable manufacturer for the best outcome of your project. Quality cement concrete boards used as underpinning materials are created with the use of the highest quality materials out there. Since they are made of concrete, they are fire-resistant naturally. This feature helps if you live in areas that quickly get fires. These underpinning materials are made with precision and quality in the US. At the same time, you get an excellent warranty for these panels in case of common manufacturing issues like defects. If possible, you should only get your cement concrete boards from companies that have been in the business for many years.

Besides the reliability and reputation of the company that sells cement concrete boards, itis equally important that you read the terms and warranty properly. There may be instances when your warranty becomes void. You must make sure to understand the scope of the validity of your warranty. In this way, you know that you are making the most of the quality cement concrete boards you’ve procured.

As mentioned above, there are other skirting or underpinning materials utilized in the construction industry. However, most of them don’t come as great as cement concrete boards. Companies that manufacture some of these materials like grout boards, treated plywood, and cement boards with wood fibers don’t offer you the same level of warranty, especially when you use them for backfilling. For this reason, many of these materials fail and go through many issues when they are used for such a purpose.

For example, in backfilling, using treated plywood may be great at first; however, as time goes by, things will rot and begin to change. The use of other cement products may also lead them to pop through their fasteners, which in turn, leaves gaps for the intrusion of rodents. Thus, as you look around at your skirting or underpinning options, you have to ask the manufacturer if they provide a proper backfilling warranty.

The use of cement concrete boards is most common for skirting and underpinning of manufactured homes. These materials are made from real concrete to meet skirting requirements according to state permanent foundation laws and guidelines. When you have proper skirting for your manufactured home, you can get better financing rates for it.

There are many benefits to using quality cement concrete boards as skirting or underpinning materials. Site-build appearance, longevity, and durability are some of them. The price is also reasonable too. When you use these boards, you can rest assured that they can properly support backfilling. Besides ground contact, you can also bury this house skirting material. These boards are naturally resistant to fire and have unsurpassed defenses against any intrusions from rodents. They also comply with the highest HUD standards so homeowners can get apply for loans favorably.

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