Characteristics of True Leaders That People Respect and Admire

A true leader wants to improve the lives of people. This is a goal in the workplace, in the community and even globally. With boundless energy and a focus on productivity, this type of leader can accomplish a great deal in a career, in personal relationships and in philanthropy. This describes individuals like David Johnson, co-founder of Cane Bay Partners, which is based on the island of St. Croix.

Some men and women are essentially born leaders. Their charisma and ability to manage numerous projects at once comes naturally. Others learn to cultivate characteristics of leadership so they can excel in business or other pursuits. Early on, they study qualities of leaders in various organizations and emulate the influential people they find most motivating.

Delegating Tasks

One effective method in leadership is to delegate important tasks to others. This indicates trust that the workers or organization members can do the job well, and it allows the leader to concentrate on projects that he or she should be handling directly. A respected and admired supervisor in a corporation, for instance, keeps an eye on what the team members are accomplishing but does not micromanage them.

Listening and Appreciating

Successful leaders listen to their subordinates. Their door is open so everyone feels welcome to begin a discussion. Praising employees and volunteers is the norm so that everyone feels appreciated. That, in turn, inspires them to be loyal and put forth their best efforts.

Charitable Goals

Charitable goals typically are part of this person’s list of priorities. That might mean donating money or supplies and developing fund-raising efforts. For instance, the charitable division of Cane Bay Partners, named Cane Bay Cares, originated to assist St. Croix residents after Hurricane Maria caused widespread destruction there.

Other Important Characteristics

The best leaders are courageous and visionary. They tend to be humble instead of pompous. Their confidence is unflagging, even when they are struggling. They’ve experienced failure, just as everyone does, and they have worked their way back to success. Not everyone can articulate the qualities, but most people quickly recognize a true leader when they meet this person.