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Tips on How to Master the Kick Serve

The people looking to truly be good at the kick serve will like this article. Mastering the kick serve is not as easy as you may think. For those who are trying to master the kick serve, they end up with too much topspin on the ball. The spin that they get is not as good or effective at all. Luckily there are drills that you can use to practice to overcome this. What you will learn from this article is some of the best methods and drill for mastering the kick serve.

In the event you are right-handed, you are supposed to make the toss to be on on the left side. This will enable you to achieve a spin that is good during the kick serve. Unfortunately, you will have to hit the ball harder the more to the left it moves. This seems unnatural since the ball is high. This is the surest way to get the kick you are hoping to get. Mastering the kick serve requires you to hit harder upon the ball. It is also helpful to toss the ball behind you.

The other tip is called the dirty diaper drill. This is a very good method of learning. You will only learn the right way to hit the ball as you do the kick serve when you use this method. You can not learn the kick serve without mastering this drill first. This drill should be permed when you around your knees. This helps you to hit the ball directly. And hence get the ball over the net. Tightly grip the racket and only hit the ball bottom half. As you serve the ball toss it a bit back. The moment you complete the serve the racket should be at a position a diaper would be.

You should also visualize the kick serve as you are serving. Make sure that you have a clear picture in your head of the arch you hope the ball will follow. The point of contact you want to have with the ball as you hit it should also be clear in your mind. By visualizing the whole kick serve, the chances that you will errors as you serve the ball greatly reduced.
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