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Benefits of Radiation Therapy

The radiation therapy is being considered to be one of the vital methods in order to trace out those methods in order to treat cancer together with the surgery and with chemotherapy. It is being utilized to those localized hard tumors like that of the cancer of the skin and the breast as well as brain cancer and can be used in order to treat that lymphoma and also leukemia.

The radiation therapy can work in damaging that DNA that is in the cancer cells that will make it incapable of multiplying and to grow. The radiation can demolish those tumors and then it can cure the disease. Though the radiation is being intended for the cancer cells, it cannot be avoided that those normal cells that is nearby the tumor cells can also be affected by the radiation, therefore, causing damage to the normal cells. The major goal of radiation therapy is to be able to maximize the tumor cells while minimizing the coverage to that of the healthy cells and the normal cells.

Majority of those radiations cannot be able to attack the cancer cells but they can cause harm right into the normal tissues that are around the tumor. These unfavorable effects are actually the major reason why there is limitation in the progress of the radiation therapy. But there are actually other types of radiation therapy that can cause minute harm to that normal tissue and they are more focused into the cancer cells alone.

The efficiency in the radiotherapy can be improved by the radioprotectors like that of the ginseng, shark oil, glutathione, and that of radiosensitizers like the green tea and the curcumin. The utilization of certain drugs and other techniques can improve and can cure the side effects that can be caused by the radiation; thus, it can develop the efficiency of that of radiotherapy.

For the fact that there is no single therapy that can provide a perfect and complete treatment for the patient who can acquire a solid tumor, the radiation can be utilized with that of the combination of chemotherapy and surgery for the improved success of the treatment. The ionizing radiation is used for cancer treatment since it can form ions as the radiation pass into the tissues. The ions are actually atoms that acquire the electrical charges right during the gaining and losing of the electrons. Ions can cause the diminishing of the cells or that of the genetic changes either in a direct or indirect way. The direct result for this can actually cause some changes in that of the molecular structure of the DNA.

Lastly, the indirect action of the radiation can occur if it is going to happen to interact with those water molecules in the cells that can result in the making of the reactive and unstable free radicals that can have bimolecular in that nearby area. The damage can lead to diminished cell by the process of apoptosis and break out of the cell division process.

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