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Devices that Computer Science Knowledge Created To Help Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is incurable from the history of me until to date. The studies that computer scientists do in conjunction with doctors as helped to create medical tools that help diabetic patients. There are software and devices developed as the fruits of the partnership between medics and computer scientists that are for doctors to use as medical devices. They needed to find lifetime solutions that would stop the use of injections by diabetic patients each time they need to measure their sugar levels. The innovations were primarily to help diabetic patients quality medical services with the use of Information Technology.

Applications came up to signal the patients of diabetes when their bodies experience changes in the sugar levels. The patient store the application in their smartphones I order for it to monitor the sugar levels in the patient. They will also automatically input your sugar levels data into the phone. The doctor can follow up with the patient by tracking the information from the patient so that they can administer better treatment. The applications are also affordable for patients because developers charge considerably affordable prices.

A continuous glucose monitor to the patients helps to keep track of their changes. They help patients of diabetes to make decisions that will help them in the daily activities such as the kind of food to eat and to avoid. The material is strong and durable to be worn for days without the elasticity loosening.

There is a contact lens that measures glucose levels. These lenses are connected to the antenna to your mobile device to help you store from your mobile phone. The use of the contact lens is a secure way of collecting information about the health of the patient because only the authorized person will use the contact lens. The lens can last for as long as possible when the patient keeps them safe from conditions that may spoil it. It is a fast and convenient way of detecting levels of sugar in the blood.

They came up with chips for implanting inside the skin. These devices measure sugar level the fluid that exists inside the skin. The data from the implants do not go directly to the mobile phone but to the transmitter first then to the phone. The patient does not have to worry about losing the device because it is under the skin. The device is so private that other people will rarely notice it and know that the patient is diabetic.

These devices make use of the sensitivity of the area under the earlobe to detect changes in the body’s sugar-level. They use radio waves to send data directly to the smartphone of the patient where it is safe. They are the most accurate than any other device.

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