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Benefits of Installing a Cork and Bamboo Flooring for your Property

One of the benefits of cork and bamboo flooring compared to other flooring options would be their eco-friendly features. Cork is actually made from the bark of a cork tree and this could be re-harvested in just 10 years without having to damage the tree. Bamboo, on the other hand, is not wood, but is a grass that grows very fast and can have supplies replenished within a few years.

Some of the benefits of cork and bamboo flooring are as follows:

Adaptable to Different Climates
Both the cork and bamboo need proper acclimatization prior to installation and it is important to consider consulting with your local professional in order to check the weather conditions in the area. Both types of flooring, however, are more adaptable compared to the hardwood options.

Maintenance is Easy
Like other types of wood flooring, the cork and bamboo will need a little cleaning. What is most needed in this case would simply be dust mopping or hoovering. Occasional mopping with a slightly damp mop also works.

Offers Insulation from Heat and Sound
The structural makeup of cork is truly the best choice when you wish to give your floor with an added layer of insulation. Cork can actually help in preventing the loss of both heat and cooling, which is perfect for both winter and summer seasons and is also softer compared to solid hardwood or bamboo, which is also a quiet underfoot.

It is Antibacterial
Cork comes with a natural ingredient which is known as suberin. Such waxy substance actually helps in keeping the cork resistant from moisture that will later on make it mold and mildew resistant, which will give you a cleaner and healthier floor.

Benefits of Cork Flooring
Cork is not only meant for plugging bottles. The manufacturing process of it is also low on waste and that cork flooring is made from scraps from bottle stopper production. Though cork is usually most common in tile form, this is likewise available in panels. A cork flooring material in fact experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Also, manufacturers are able to offer various textures and patterns of surfaces and a lot of them look very modern. Also, you could arrange your cork flooring in different configurations.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring
As was stated earlier, one advantage of bamboo is that it grows a lot faster compared to hardwood trees. This can even be harvested in just several years. The stalks of bamboo, which is technically a grass are being split and will be reformed into planks. The natural striations are able to create beautiful textures. You also could choose between the vertical or horizontal grains, which will depend on your aesthetic preference.

Your flooring decision, however, all comes down to personal preferences or taste. When you prefer materials that are similar to traditional wood floorings, bamboo floorings would be right for you. If you consider more comfort, cork flooring is the best way to go for.

Both the cork and bamboo flooring are worthy of praises and are ideal flooring choices for various reasons aside from its eco-friendly feature.

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