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How Immigration Bail Bonds Work

Given that an individual is facing immigration issues in court, then it is vital that they consider getting an immigration bail bond. By an individual getting the immigration bail bonds, then it means that they have a chance of gaining their freedom till the time that they will need to appear in court. Getting the immigration bail bond is, however, possible if one meets the qualifications that have been set by the court. It is also notable that the immigration bail bonds are issued to individuals that are not considered to be of threat to the public or national security.

It is important for an individual to be aware that there are two types of immigration bail bonds. The court is always the determinant of the bond that an individual qualifies. The first is the delivery bond which ensures that an individual shows up for all the court hearing that they need to attend. With this, one is allowed to mingle with their parents and friends. When one is out of custody, they will then get to consult with their immigration lawyer.

The second one is the voluntary departure bond, where the detainee is given a chance to leave the country at their expense. With this, the amount of time that an individual has to leave the country is set by the court. When an individual leaves the country in the specified time, then the amount they paid will be refunded, however, if he or she delays, then the court hold the money.

The immigration judge always determines the amount that an individual will have to pay for the immigration bail bond. The cost is determined based on a variety of factors. Among them include; the criminal history, the employment situation as well as the immigration status of an individual. An important aspect that one needs to be aware of is that the higher the flight risk, then the higher the bond cost it will be for them. For one to be knowledgeable of the cost of the different bonds, then it is essential that they inquire from the immigration lawyer. By the virtue that each states have their rules and regulations concerning the immigration bail bonds, then it means that the costs are also different.

Finally, it is advisable that an individual considers getting an immigration lawyer that is reputable for them to be sure that they are fully aware on matters concerning the immigration bail bond. Settling for the services of an immigration lawyer is a necessity given that they know what goes on in such circumstances. By considering this important aspect, then an individual is able to have a peace of mind.

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