What’s the best method to ask doctors for a second opinion?

Medical doctors are a group of people who are passionate about saving lives. We dedicate our entire life to care for patients, their friends, and family members. People’s well-being is our bread and butter but we crave to see smiles and tears of joy following recovery from an illness.

  Please ask doctors any questions you have in your mind as we willing to answer all of them as long as it’s health-related which includes physical, mental, and social well-being. Explaining, answering questions, and problem-solving are part of a doctor’s personality. We even required to teach our juniors and team members, hence, question and answer session is one of our favourites especially if we have the luxury of free or extra time daily.

  It is understandable that Asians are shy and don’t fond of asking questions, but when it comes to health and education, that attitude and mentality needs to go away. First, you must build the confidence and courage to ask questions to your doctor. Next, always seek a second opinion. Speak to a doctor could be a life-changing effort and may save your life.

  Why you should always seek a second opinion? The main reason is that practicing medicine is an art. It is super subjective and there are only guidelines as a reference but there’s no blanket rule for all diseases. There are various approach and treatment plan a physician can offer and that depends on their judgement and reasoning.

  Different doctors might view your health problem from different angles. As a result, they might offer a different treatment plan and solution to your illness. The core of this literature is to discuss the best way or ways to ask doctors for a second opinion.

  Doctors are always busy. Medical officers are busier than junior doctors, specialists are busier than medical officers, and consultants are busier than specialists. The career is super demanding. The better and the higher your rank and seniority in this profession, the busier you will be. Seniors are more experienced in handling medical cases, but their schedules are always tight. Choosing appropriate ways of contacting doctors will ensure you faster response and better explanations.

  The following are ways to ask doctors for a second opinion:

1- One to one consultation (upon appointment)

2- Video consultation

3- Phone calls

4- Chats

5- E-mail

6- Open platform such as health forum

7- Letter

  1- One to one consultation (upon appointment)

This is the best method of seeking a second opinion from a doctor. This method allows adequate time for history taking and physical examination to reach a diagnosis. It could be a different diagnosis from the first physician you have visited or the same diagnosis. The treatment plan will also differ, especially in complicated cases.

2- Video consultation

  This is the latest way to consult a doctor. It is faster, cheaper, more convenient for both patient and doctor, and this is the alternative to one to one consultation. The downside of this method is that there will be no physical examination hence diseases that need more of a physical examination will be difficult to cater to. The good thing is, many diseases can be diagnosed via video consultation.