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Essential Information You Need to Know About Weimaraner Puppies

It can be challenging to look for Weimaraner dog, especially if are buying it for the first time. These dogs often give out excellent adventures, loves, thus creating a fun moment with them. However, if not handled carefully, they can be a handful. The following tips will help you to look after these puppies.

First, you have to take them for a regular walk. These dogs are energetic. The intention of breading these dogs was to hunt, and therefore they had to run to get the prey. This implies they require to have at least one hour a day while walking. You can use a long leash while exercising your dog. Also, exercise your Weimaraner dog by letting him play with your family by running after the balls or any other throwable object. Additionally, ensure you have provided him with a proper diet. A Weimaraner puppy is a large dog that requires a lot of food daily. However, feeding depends on the age of your warm. For instance, an adult dog should be given two to three cups of food in every meal. Also, puppies should be given one and a half cups of the feast, three times a day. Your dog should be given plenty of water daily, and food reach in protein and fat. These dogs will eat anything they came across and therefore avoid feeding them with toxic food. Consult a vet if you aren’t sure of what to feed them.

Besides, they should be taken to a vet for checkups for the first weeks of ownership. This way, they will be sprayed and vaccinated. Through checkups, you can be assured of the excellent health of your dog and the health of the family. Also, ensure you groom your dog if it has short hair. Weimaraner is covered with a brilliant coat. This is because they have a silvery grey color where dirt appears to fall itself from the dog. This way, they are easy to clean. However, you should brush and bath your puppies every week. These dogs’ loves are rolling on the dirt; thus, they can become dirtier when you skip one bath.

Besides, you have to train your dog to avoid it stealing food whenever it needs, biting and chew anything come it come across with, or walk around the house on its own. You can opt for a training school to ensure they run not to chase small animals like because they’re hunting animals and will tend to chase your pets to kill. Through training, they will be separated with any anxiety they may be having and will become obedient to you. These dogs are stubborn, and they tend to keep on testing your boundaries. More so, you have to keep them company because they are social dogs. They tend to stay close to their owners who gave them their nickname. If left for a long time, they will have the anxiety to be separated, and it’s through this they become destructive and wish to escape.

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